Bland food or acid reflux?

  • July 17, 2012 4:52 PM BST

    I've been having serious problems with acid reflux since before Xmas although the last year or so I have had ot stay away from pastries and tarts made with shortcrust and flaky pastry but at Xmas the traditional British Xams pudding triggered a major mouthful of acid.

    I chnaged my diet slightly to avoid this but keptgetting acid after breakfast of various cereals with milk plus tea.

    Started getting weird pains inside left chest, then right then centre and then I went to doctors who diagnosed me with weakeend top valve of stomach and precribed soem PPI inhibitor.

    This reduced the problem but not entirely and the acid kept coming especially after breakfast and was making my esophagus sore and also making my voice rough and male again as the acid affected the little thing at the bakc of my throat?

    Anway I finally decided that I didn't want to take medication for the foreseeable future so I decided a change of diet and eating habits was in order.

    I stopped trying to cook like the media chefs with lots of garlic and spicy ingredients and went to quite bland food, bread and honey for breakfast instad of milky cereals, less and weaker coffee and tea, no food after 8 in the evening, no tomato or fruit juices or any very acid food or drink.

    Just a quarter of a antacid tablet Rennies here in UK if I have anything strong flavoured.

    It seems to be working fine so although its a shame to forego tasty food the long term health problems of acid reflux can be serious and even lead to cancer.