Are a man's broad shoulders a big give away?

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    December 15, 2012 3:15 PM GMT

    I think they are a problem. I personally don't have big muscles but I'm a bit flabby on my upper torso.


    My shoulders are broad I think and I have man boobs - no need for fake breasts then. 


    I wonder if there were any ways a man with broad shoulders could disquise their size, as I believe most women have smaller shoulders.


    Your thoughts please. Thanks.

  • December 16, 2012 4:23 PM GMT
    Hi Kitty,
    Even though I am a smaller gal at 5'5" I still have similar feelings about my shoulders and arms. Over the years I find that certain clothes look better on me then others.
    Like any style made with shoulder padding, usually its just a pad sewn with two strings holding it in place, just cut it and it looks like a tailored top as opposed to something I shoe-horned on.
    I find that when it comes to things with straps that the closer the straps get to the shoulder the more manly they make my shoulder/arm area look. I lean towards skinnier straps, or no straps, or something off the shoulder with long sleaves.
    Also find that anything that makes my waist appear smaller helps, whether its more exercise, a corset, or a strategic belt. Hope that helps, Good Luck.
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    December 17, 2012 7:30 PM GMT
    Hi Kitty, I think theres a lot to be said for posture, (and breathing technique) being the big give away. Which means if you kind of understand the difference between male and female postures , you can make such things that seem unchangeable like broad shoulders, narrow hips , appear not so. Try this in front of a mirror . Push you shoulders forward, your arms and elbows rotate and move forward, Your neck hunches down and forward. You loose the lumbar curve, its straight .Now because you are hunched forward you breath with your chest it takes more effort, but looks like you have a bigger Chest , and maybe smaller stomach. To finish off ,you have just got to put a scowl on .-No matter what clothes you wear , the posture says Male, rigid and under stress [dare I say]. In contrast --First Take a couple of deep diaphragmatic breath from your stomach . Now you dont have to work to hard to breath. so your Chest does not appear as wide, and you become more relaxed. Now push your shoulders back and straighten your head up, keep your head high.Your arms may now feel like they are hanging a bit but thats okay /Just imagine your arms are there ready to gather something up . A consequence ofthis Breathing from the stomach , standing up straight is that you can see you now appear to have a bigger tummy. Its okay the solution is shift your derriere backwards and out .This is good as it makes a good lumbar curve, and suggests the hips. Its easy to use peplumated clothing with a curvier bum. Overall you now have a female posture, much less rigid ,more relaxed, you may find your arms sway a bit more, but thats how it is . Overall get more relaxed, dont feel like you are carrying your shoulders . Good luck D
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    February 11, 2013 2:36 AM GMT
    its also a good tip to remember that in the Generic Females..often the ratio of shoulders to hip size is the same..I.E there is a definite similarity to shoulder width and hip width. so..look at larger width shouldered women and the chances are..they will not have skinny hips... ergo..if you have wide may want to pad out your hips to get that feminine shape?