strange happening in public... not sure what to make of it

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    January 31, 2013 4:56 AM GMT

    ok so around halloween i went to walmart for the frist time. i was doing som shoping for clothes and other things and somthing strang happend. so let me back up and tell you a week before i desided to get a upper ear lobe perceing and had small dimonds place in for the duration of healing. so back to the story and your oppinion, i was done shoping and walking out of walmart and got clocked i thought but here is the weird part this girl that i thought clocked me turned to her friend to point me out about that time i pull my hair back over my left ear and she saw the secound periceing along with the plain oridanry clothes and jewlery i had on and she stoped right in her tracks like i was all the suden a woman to her... we passed eachother in the isle and smiled at eachother like nothing had happend and i walked out of walmart felling great.... any body have an oppinion on this event ? and have had a secound periceing make a diffrence to weather you were seen as a gg or not?

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    June 8, 2013 10:35 PM BST

    yes, i understand teh feeling: there is no way to tell just what they are thinking. i don't think real piercings would alter anyone's initial thought about if you were trans or not....but then again, maybe it did. if people smile at me in a "knowing" but pleasant way, so what? there have been times when shopping in a store when a woman is just smirking away, and i know she thinks it's odd/weirdly funny, and i ignore them. you probably showed great poise, didn't get flustered, and maybe that made them think otherwise. as long as nobody challenges me verbally, i just go on with being me.