Wannabe - Short Film - April 2014

  • November 28, 2013 3:01 PM GMT

    Hi Everyone, 

    My name is Lukasz, me and a few of my friends are working on a short film in Jan next year (and fingers crossed it will premiere in April 2014).
    It's a story of Sofia and her relationship with her father. When Sofia's mother suddenly dies, she reluctantly returns to the family home she swore never to go back to when her father Raymond decided to transition into a woman. Now for the first time Sofia is forced to confront the changes Raymond (now Donna) has undergone and come to terms with the consequences of her defiant choice. 
    We believe that it's going to be an amazing film and we already have some film industry professional on board, however we need some more publicity and support. 

    Our kickstarter page is already up, on it you'll be able to find more info about the project and you'll be able to support it:


    Also, please visit our facebook page:

    every 'Like' counts :)

    Thank you very much


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