I Never think about it and never have.

  • February 26, 2014 7:02 PM GMT

    I pass thousands of people in public nearly everyday. I suppose to some this maybe hard but why worry about it? Last time I looked it was 2014 not 1846.

    We all approach things in different ways and in my case it was just go but looking through some of the posts on this subject I can see it causes some girls problems but I have to ask why at times.

    I have had my share of ignorance from a few but I just delt with it the way I thought best at the time and it worked.

    Example: About a week after an article had been published about me I was in Tesco , a friend of mine was on the checkout and when I spoke to her I could see she was upset , I asked her what was wrong and she would not tell me , I asked why and she just said I cannot repeat what that man just said about you , I asked which man and she pointed him out to me.

    It was not so much what he had said that bothered my it was the fact he had upset a friend of mine "BIG MISTAKE"  So I walked over to him and asked him what his problem was? He repied you! I said me and who the hell are you talk about me behind my back when my face is here to do it to? He started to walk away another big mistake. I said hold on I have not finished with you yet , you upset my friend and I want to know why? His response was I read about you in the paper you are not one thing or the other , we had people like you in the Navy , my response was and if you were in the Navy today you would not get away with saying that. By this time we had an audience. My next question was what the F#ck has my life got to do with you anyway? He replied i don't want to share shops with people like you , I said well don't come here then you f#ucking bigot because I am not leaving. I then asked if you were in the Navy did you hate Gay people too? He started to walk away yet again and the manager appeared but just observed , I asked the bigot to apologise to my friend for upsetting her , his response was i did not know she was your friend , I then had to point out what difference does that make you upset her! He replied i have had enough of this and yet again started to walk away just as his male friend turned up holding a bunch of flowers then he asked whats going on? My response was your boy friend upset my friend and he refuses to aplogise to her so either give those flowers to her or give them to your boy friend and piss off. He walked away leaving his unpaid for shopping there , I said one thing I should not have at that point! Thats right you both go home and shag each other stupid.

    I apologised to the manager who replied , that is ok you are welcome here but people like him i would rather shop somewhere else. Sorted.

    Same week: That article must have been read! Two very overweight females passed me in town , I heard one say to the other , theres that man who is changing sex. Now me being me could not help notice the size of both of the 2 females , one with a huge cream cake in her hand and round her mouth the other with a rather large suasage roll , both looked like they had yesterdays dinner still stuck on their clothes.

    I had no choice but to challenge what one had just said. I said excuse me what did you just call me? The reply I got was i was not talking to you , I said no you were talking about me so now I am going to talk about you two. I told them you were lucky enough to be born the correct gender and I was not so I am correcting it I am not a man I was born in a male body I am female . I went on to tell them to consider themselves lucky even though you are both about 4 times overweight because if I had your body I would be very happy , I would have to go on a very long diet but I would be happy because losing weight is by far easier than what I am doing. That was followed by a round of applause from some on lookers.

    Both of those things happened a very long time ago and it never happens now , I guess I must be doing something right but I can't bottle it and sell it.

    Never let anyone put you down..........

  • February 27, 2014 9:01 AM GMT

    I think I should add something to this. After a few comments on the home page that I would prefer to be here I will bring something to your attention that most people seem to see past about me. What ever I post on this website people never seem to notice one thing! That is one thing that is important to me "I care" Not about myself because if you actually read this or any other post of mine you will see someone got hurt. In this case it was a friend of mine , no person hurts any friend of mine and gets away with it that is a fact.

    I was not defending myself my point was someone important to me was hurt because of ignorance about me. There was more to the above I never mentioned ,  just one of those things was I pointed out to the two overweight females that they were beautiful followed by so what do you do? Abuse that gift you were given , I most likely made them think or I would like to think that they learnt from that.

    Look at anything I have posted on this website and you will see it is the person/s hurting that get my attention , I never want it to be about me , I have got by fine but in my own way .

    Take care , Julia x

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    February 27, 2014 2:03 PM GMT

    well done julia having the guts to stand up like that

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  • February 27, 2014 5:43 PM GMT

    Thanks Christy but guts did not come into it , well not the way I see it. I have had my fair share of transphobia mainly in the first few years but it just made me stronger. I will never allow anyone to hurt my friends or even at times a stranger.

    Life is to short for all of that and recently I have noticed that due to my openess about who I am that anyone who thinks they can attack my gender and get away with it thinks twice. I will have them in court and they know that , so they steer clear of me or keep their mouth's shut or face being arrested. There are just a small amount of ignorant people around like that and 99% of the population are just ok with who I am . They have a choice! Cross the road or turn their back or just f#cking grow up and get a life and an education , the latter being one thing I never had.

    Take care and thanks again , Julia x

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    October 14, 2015 4:39 PM BST

    I must admit I have not thought about it. I try to look my best. I am transgendered and will never look as good as a genetic female. I get some nice compliments, I don't get abuse, I has some nice commetns when out for lunch with a female friend... like enjoy your lunch ladies from the waitress. I am happy with that.