Role reversesal

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  • I thought i would just ask this and see what response it got. Lets say you were born a female (we all dream off that) and you had tendency's to dress and live as a male.How do you think you would cope with it? Some of us are trying to evolve into the female role and way of life permanately. So girls try and think as a female and say what you would find difficult fitting into a male world?...........Love JJ xx
    JULIE Warrior Maiden of Valhalle
      August 30, 2004 7:14 PM BST
  • Of course it is possible to imagine the situation the other way around? But what´s the point?
    I know quite a many transmen. They seem to be perfectly happy after the transitioning, so would probably I. They pass easily after 6 months of hormones, they get the male voice automatically, so the beard. Only they must get rid of the breasts and the SRS is for them far more complicated and not so successfull as ours.
    I think most of the young transmen are well accepted also by other men, because nobody knows their background. Many of them have girlfriends or wifes.

      August 31, 2004 5:38 AM BST