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  • In the October/November 2013 issue of Frock Magazine Hugh Easton asked, "Can pre-natal hormone treatment exposure cause adult gender variance?"  That's an interesting...  more
    Last post by Traci Lee O'Gara - February 11, 2017
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  • Hi All,
    Can anyone tell me if Frock will still be available thru PocketMags?  When I last went there to renew my subscription I was unable -- they mentioned that they will...  more
    Last post by Katie Glover - November 22, 2017
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  • So I read, in this month's Frock, about this new TV show on Discovery Life Channel (US only) called New Girls on the BLock where the entire cast is TG!  EXCELLENT!  How...  more
    Last post by Olivia Richards - May 29, 2015
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  • In the April/May 2014 issue of Frock Magazine ( and again in the June/July issue, our resident Transgender Psychologist, Amanda Bruce ADHP(NC),...  more
    Last post by Veronica V - December 9, 2020
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  • Hi my name is Richard. I have always said now matter what you are you should be what you feel like do not let people tell you what to be just be your self and if you feel like a...  more
    Last post by Veronica V - May 6, 2015
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  • This is a placeholder for comments on the forthcoming article, 'The Origins Of Drag'.  All will be revealed when the next issue is published... soon!Following on from the...  more
    Last post by Katie Glover - November 23, 2013
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  • This is a placeholder for a thread about Amanda Bruce's next MindFrock article in the December 2013 issue of Frock Magazine.  If you'd like to comment on it, please do so here...
    Last post by Katie Glover - November 22, 2013
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  • For the next issue of Frock, we're looking at doing a piece on your hopes and wishes for 2014.
    If you'd like yours to be included, please reply to this post and tell us in...  more
    Last post by Mandy Watts - November 10, 2013
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  • This thread is about Amanda's MindFrock column in Frock Magazine.  Please feel free to comment on it here and tell us your own experiences.
    Last post by Former Member - December 3, 2015
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  • In the October/November 2013 issue of Frock Magazine, transgender psychologist, Amanda Bruce wrote a thought provoking article called, 'Why We Are What We Are'.  We'd like to...  more
    Last post by Amanda Bruce - October 23, 2013
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  • To whomever puts together Frock: Frock Rocks!I wish it came in an 'analog'(LOOL),umm 3-D/paper format...the articles & photography are great!Keep On Keepin' On !!!I am sooo broke...  more
    Last post by Katie Glover - October 14, 2013
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  • You have probably heard by now, that last Sunday, what was a well respected national UK newspaper, allowed one of its columnists to publish a whole article filled with hate speech...  more
    Last post by Katie Glover - January 17, 2013
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  • From the Janauary 2013 issue of Frock Magazine, we will be looking at how the mainstream religions of the world treat the subject of transgenderism, starting with...  more
    Last post by Former Member - December 16, 2012
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  • This thread is of those who have a story to tell about when they came out to family, friends and work colleagues.  If you've just read Traci Loren's story in Frock Magazine,...  more
    Last post by Former Member - January 20, 2013
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  • If you've just finished reading Cole's story in Frock Magazine, please let us know your views here...
    Last post by Rachael Jane Robinson - May 24, 2012
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