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    • April 3, 2019 6:30 AM BST
    • I am now a very happy bunny as I now have 28 pairs of Gipsy 40 denier opaque tights/pantyhose in  28 different colours,  so now I can wear a different colour every day of the month. Now all I have to do is decide what colour to wear. 

    • October 3, 2018 11:10 AM BST
    • Not hate speech, your beliefs are your own affair,   I was born with a condition called Reiofensteins Syndrome, a scientifically proved condition, involves the make up of ones DNA, I have spent most of my life studying trans issues.

      Your friend has been unstable for years, even before they changed gender.   Perhaps as well as being Gender dysphoric, perhaps they might also have a condition such as bi-polar as such they really need to be referred  by a doctor.

      Here is an insight into some of the issues some trans people face,   If one is a devout Christian, then your God made us all?


      You sound like a caring person, click the links learn, get some facts which will help you understand fully.



    • October 3, 2018 2:22 AM BST
    • I appreciate the replies but the whole point of what i was trying to get across was that this person has been in such a bad state ever since I've known them (over 7 years). They were suicidal then before i met them as their original female state, they tried to gender swap thinking that would help and they're still suicidal today. I'm trying to show that they need someone that they perceive to be of their own kind to tell them that, if that is true then Gender identity issues is not their problem and you need to move onto something else to keep themselves alive.


      I need someone to explain to them that if that is the case, to not let something that isn't helping them put them into a corner. That if you were miserable before AND now then Gender identity is not your problem but they need to hear it from someone they can trust, and see as their own kind. 


      I know you guys will feel like i'm attacking you here but i feel obliged to say that God is real and you have been tricked by the evil in this world. LGBT, feminism,black lives matter are all part of the same depopulation plan. Just...please do some research about how all these are connected to satanism and agenda 21/30. You'll thank me later. 


      I know your prob gonna jump on me for "hate speech" here so this will prob be my last post. I appreciate the effort though. If by any chance you still want to help me though i have a youtube channel Biophobe1989 you can find me at. Thanks 



    • October 3, 2018 1:09 AM BST
    • Hi Stephen


      Sounds like you are in a tough place. Finding resources is always tough and I am not going to be much help as I live in Australia.  Your friend sounds like they are in a desperate situation and completely consumed by their GD. I am only to happy to correspond with your friend if that would help. I know its not the same as being face to face but maybe I can help alleviate their fears. I have been transitioning for about 3 years now and I can understand how desperate this person is feeling.


      I know for myself that I would have taken my own life but for me I was able to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I am not sure what relevance you being Christian is but in my eyes its of very little relevance unless you are trying to tell them they are wrong for feeling the way they do or some other religious style put down. If this is not the case then there really is very little relevance. You are a kind person doing a kind deed to help another.


      What is it that is going to help your situation....If the person you are talking about is really serious about self harming(I have no reason to believe they are not) you choices are limited...the question I have is...Why are they wanting to self harm? Is it because they are trans and don't want to be...maybe its because they feel they will never be able to fit in if the transition, maybe they are a bit like I was...when I was told I was most likely Trans I just said NO! and drank a bit more...well actually.... a lot more. Maybe you are unsure yourself as to what part of being trans is really crushing this person?


      I am not a Dr or a therapist but I would suggest this person may need one to help them work out where they can fit into the world. 

      Hope I can help

      Take care


    • September 28, 2018 9:43 PM BST
    • I'm not devaluing your efforts, or understating your valued commitment, this person needs professional evaluation  and advice, believe me, from my own personal despair at a very young age, walking out into traffic, not caring, not really intending to kill myself, I just did'nt care enough,   I'm renowned on this site for my over simplification and unhelpful advice

    • September 28, 2018 9:04 PM BST
    •  I appreciate the response but that's very unhelpful advice and oversimplifies the issue. It's living a normal life they're struggling with, it has nothing to do with me. They're not forced to be Dependant on me but they are. I'm the only person caring enough to keep them alive. your advice wouldn't help anyone. The whole "go to the doctor" thing is just a way of passing the buck to someone else. I will not do that i will take it into my own hands. My opinions on gender dysphoria are irrelevant in this situation. 



    • September 28, 2018 8:40 PM BST
    • This might sound heartless, cruel, but essentially it's tough love, go to your doctor, ask about getting this person sectioned and ask about having a therapist that is experienced in gender issues appointed.


      Gender dysphoria is a recognised medical condition and as such the appointed doctor would have a duty of care.   You harp on about being a Christian, are you essentially thinking this is not gods way? obviously you are confused and perhaps only thinking about saving the life, the christian thing to do, but one must also understand the issues that this condition involves.


    • September 28, 2018 4:38 PM BST
    • Hi i was wondering if you could help me. I have a person in my care who identifies as a FtM transgender that is on the brink of suicide and as a devout Christian i am really trying to prevent them from doing so. This person has special intensive care needs and is highly dependant on me for their survival. They have no one else who can care for these very special needs of theirs  so it's very complicated situation. 

      They won't listen to me because i don't identify as transgender so they just say i couldn't possibly understand anything about them. That's why i need your help. I need the help of another who identifies as transgender because it's someone they can feel they can relate to and someone that can sympathise with them. Also, someone that could understand both sides of our situation. 

      Please don't tell me that I'm causing their problems by being Christian they have admitted that they would already have commited suicide 100x over if it wasn't everything i have done for them. They admit that i'm the only reason they survived in the first place.  They have very intensive care needs and keeping them alive is extremely difficult. I can only get them to surivive afew months at a time. I just need the help of someone else nearby i really need to get into contact with someone local so let me know if you live locally that i can meet up with or know someone local who can help but please don't give me the link to a local service helpline or something like that they are not helpful at all. I really just need a person. 

      I don't have that much time. 




    • March 2, 2018 10:37 PM GMT
    • Who needs an excuse.  If you want to wear the sparkly dress with heals, go for it.  OK, the snow on the ground at the moment might push you more towards sensible clothes, but hell, you spent the money, you look good.  Go for it.



    • January 20, 2018 9:20 PM GMT
    • Loving the M&S clearance sale - growing the wardrobe on a daily basis - now need to work on creating the opportunities to wear them!

    • February 3, 2018 10:24 PM GMT
    • I'll pm you now

    • February 3, 2018 10:21 PM GMT
    • Sophie could you also let me know when the next meeting is. Ta Denise

    • February 1, 2018 6:23 PM GMT
    • Much appreciated Sophie xxx

    • February 1, 2018 1:36 PM GMT
    • I've sent you a PM

    • February 1, 2018 2:35 AM GMT
    • Hi Sophie,

      I was wondering you could tell me when the next drop-in event is please, or message me the details of who to get in touch with to find out.

      I've tried contacting leeds gic but got no reply.

      Thanks in advance

    • August 10, 2017 2:58 PM BST
    • On 29th August the peer support workers from Leeds GIC are having a drop-in session. It will be held 4-6pm at a secure, safe and friendly Leeds City centre venue. Refreshments will be available, if you would like to go please drop me a message and I'll give you the address details, this is to make sure privacy and security is maintained for everyone who attends. [b]Those who attend can:[/b]

      • [b]Ask questions[/b]
      • [b]Be listened to [/b]
      • [b]Meet new people [/b]
      • [b]Get advice[/b]
      • [b]Get social support[/b]
      • [b]Get transition support[/b]
      • [b]Come and go as you like[/b]

    • December 1, 2017 2:16 PM GMT
    • Yes Wendy one does not need a GRS or SRS The passport act was amended to cater for those who wish to change gender permantley, a deed poll and a referal letter is enough that's why I high lighted the actual wording of the act

    • November 23, 2017 9:57 AM GMT
    • I got a new -F- passport at the end of 2014 with no problems. No GRC, no GRS, I just sent them my deed poll and letter from my endocrinologist. Of course, living abroad which means applying on-line may have played a role, as did applying just before Christmas ( "I don't want anything left uncompleted over Christmas and New Year!?) The interesting thing was that, according to the info with the on-line application form, the only documentation they wanted was my old passport! Not even counter-signatures!

      The German Constitutional Court has decided that a third gender option is necessary, principally to accommodate intersexuals.  The relevant abreviation has yet to be decided. This will apply to birth certificates, ID-documents and so on.


    • November 22, 2017 3:10 PM GMT
    •  An idea being put around, to add a third gender ID on passports, something I can agree with. 

      UD (undefined Gender) or US (unspecified) US is also an acronym for useless.

      Its the adage I find distressing and completely alien to a persons human rights,   Which upon leaving the EU, the human rights act is to be tailored/altered to be included in UK law.   Is that people undergoing transition should have to use/select the third gender option when applying for a new passport, until they have completed RLE and obtained a Gender recognition Certificate, the laws relating to transgendered people The Passports Act 2008, section 11 have already been updated/ammended to take into account, and I quote.


      Applying for a passport Additional information for transgender and transsexual customers

      We want everyone applying for a passport to be able to do so quickly and easily. This leaflet gives some additional advice relating to the specific needs of our transgender and transsexual customers when applying for a passport so they don’t
      experience any undue delay.
      Please read this leaflet in addition to the “Applying for a passport” guidance  booklet provided with the passport application form.

      Applying for your passport
      You can apply for a passport in an acquired gender. This option is available to those who do not hold a Gender Recognition Certificate or have not had gender reassignment surgery, as well as  those who have.
      As with all passport applications, we need to confirm your identity to prevent identity fraud and verify that you are a British national. In some cases, to help complete your application, we may  need to ask for further information compared to what is outlined in our guidance booklet.

      Please see the following options: You have a British passport in an acquired gender and want to renew it.
      Please follow the passport renewal guidance in the “Applying for a passport” booklet and submit your old passport with your application. There are no differences to the standard document requirements. You should fill in the application form using details relating to your acquired gender and reflect  both your current name and any other previous names you have used in your acquired gender in section 2. You do not need to include any previous names in your birth gender.


      Not that it affects me personally, but will those who are currently undergoing RLE and have a passport in a changed gender then have to have their passport changed again?    I am trying to find out how serious these rumours are withing government circles.    The very thought is troublesome, outrageous and further complicates things for  a person who has stated or undertaken a change is permament to have their gender changed allready.

    • November 20, 2017 9:44 PM GMT
    • It should not be that easy.  If anybody can declare without some form of medical background then it would become uncomfortable for everybody, since you would not know if the person was genuine in their conviction, or actually represented a danger.


      That said, I am sort of in favor of gender neutral toilets and we already have gender neutral changing rooms in swimming baths.  So I think that gender neutral facilities have a lot going for them.  The article points out that only having a thin piece of material between you and somebody of the opposite sex could be uncomfortable.  So perhaps more robust cubicles may be the answer to that.  That said, if it makes shoppers uncomfortable, they may go elsewhere.  So any suggestions are going to be voted on by the shoppers.


      Back to the serious question of just declaring that you are transgender without medical input.  No, no and more no.  



    • November 10, 2017 10:56 PM GMT


      Gender-neutral changing rooms aren’t safe — they just appease the trans lobby who won’t accept you if don’t conform to their views,


      One needs to read the complete article, different newspapers give a different slant on things.



      Cristine Shye

      I worry that and quote 

      ''Equalities minister Justine Greening wants to change the Gender Recognition Act 2004 so that any person can change their gender by declaring it''

      Will we get so much resentment and negativity, pushing the boundaries, we allready have recognition and rights in law, will none trans people take advantage of choosing a facilty for devious purposes ., when we go  to try on clothes, find tell tale stains on garments? I understand gender being fluid for some which does complicate things,  I am concerned that if they do away totally with medical supervision and a basis of gender change being permanent,    DVLA, Medical Centres,   Passport Office other authorities will be inundated with change and change back scenario's on a daily basis.    Imprisoned personel will spend all their time swopping jails,   The UK while not perfect regarding its Gender recognition Act, it is probably the best in the world.


    • November 9, 2017 1:35 PM GMT
    • You are being way too nice describing Trump as a bully and buffoon. How about: racist, fear mongerer, bigot, misogynist, xenophobe, thin skinned...need I go on.   

    • November 8, 2017 4:06 PM GMT
    • Trump is egoistic,narcissistic with little political experience or broader outlook, .He hankers for the past glory days of past leaders.—-so very similar to Kim Jung Un then.!. Both are black holes for attention ,no light of hope emerging from either.I guess most people are in a state of thinking “surely they are not going to be that stupid.”There is a common analysis that any military action in North Korea would be prolonged over many months and catastrophic for everyone, many many lives wasted and blighted.

    • November 6, 2017 6:13 PM GMT
    • America does NOT want war...maybe Trump's ego projects that attitude, but believe when I say it's people have zero desire to engage in a foolish conflict over literally no end game at all.  Of course there will always be supporters of raising the red, white, and blue over a political nuisance, but we as people also understand that they are totally fringe in our society and genuinely do not reflect where where we are heading.  Trump is a blustery blowhard spouting off but really unable to secure the proper backing for support such a crazy idea.  and as you laid out, economically, it does not make any sense nor does it truly reflect where the american people's value sounds scarier than it truly is, but so would believing in ghosts or zombies do the same! (smile)  If Trump decided to lead us into a bloody conflict, I'm certain that tens of millions of people would assemble and move on Washington DC and we'd see a 21st century Bastille Day!  

      Lucy, Trump is just a pompous bully who is showing off his new found "power" like a 5 year old might when given a toy that scares his playmates.  From a distance, he appears to be a frightening demagogue  when in reality, most of us just let the overgrown urchin play in his bed room and let off steam.  3 more years (or sooner if the tubby man eats himself to death LOL) and he and his moronic playmates will be gone.  Unless that is the opposition places another equally moronic candidate like hillary to run against him!!  THe thought is frightening to think we cannot come up with someone, anybody, with the moral compass and leadership skills to do better!  surely, out of over 300 million people we ought to find somebody and prop them up to win the office in the next election!

      Patience my friends!  We'll fix it!

      Traci xoxo

    • November 6, 2017 2:57 PM GMT
    • Yes and No Traci.   Trump putting America first is admirable, whish the UK was the same instead of constant bowing and scraping for scraps from the EU, but some of Trumps threats are outrageous and dangerous, what is even worse is some of the comments he gets in support on various web sites reporting his stupid utterings,   American ''if we have a war with DRNK, it will be over in a day, they will be destroyed''.    I am not a military genius, but NK reportedly has 1 M men on active service, they all have to do a compulsory 2o years in their military, they have another 4 M already trained reservist, from what I have read most of their heavy weapons are well protected,   Common sense tells even me that the US alliance will run out of rockets and bullets before the NK run out of soldiers.   It's has been reported by experts that NK soldiers are similar to the Japanese soldiers of the 2nd WW. Kamakaze, willing to die,  they are brain washed robots.   A few thouand deaths caused to the alliance, will have the American people in uproar,   The cost alone $ wise would cripple America for the next hundred years.    How effective missiles and bombing would be, if each cruise rocket killed a thousand NK military at a cost of $3 M dollars each rocket.   Some of the comments I have read, are just nonsensical rubbish.   I watched a factual programme on the first world war 1.4 M soldiers killed in a month Pasiondale. the Some, 20 thousand shells fired each day 6.5 million military personal killed in that war.

    • November 6, 2017 10:39 AM GMT
    • Trump and diplomacy in the same sentence, that made my day!


    • November 6, 2017 1:17 AM GMT
    • Trump is an enormous bore...everyone knows this except the ever growing population of "dominionists" who are lining up behind him to be ready to enact christianity's version of shar'ia law!!  VP Pence is a leading proponent of this insanity!!!  Trump will eat himself to death within a few way that tub of goo can survive this...Pence scares me a LOT!!!


    • November 5, 2017 6:16 PM GMT
    • Big Ooops! PC does have  limits though, Quote Donald Trump today in Japan, a public address,  ''dictators and ferile nations should not mess with America remember how unpleasant it can get''?   Diplomacy does'nt get much worse.

    • November 5, 2017 12:42 PM GMT
    • Another moan, local authorities that will not be putting up street lights and publicly celebrating Christmas this year, it might be offensive to Hindu's and Muslims,   FFS Britain is essentially a Christian orientated society, surely they knew that when they elected to come here,  most shops run by minorities, are oblivious to offence when it comes to making a profit on selling Cristmas cards or Easter eggs.

    • November 4, 2017 3:46 PM GMT
    • Insanity seems to be the rule of the day!!!  We are developing an entire generation of young people who cannot think for themselves and do not learn to solve "issues" on their own!!  "Safe zones" for the youngin's so as to not expose them to the realities of the world!!!  Truth is no longer accepted and in it's turn, we provide shelter and comfort to any and all who do not "win"!  People are losing their moral backbone as a result...the government has us where they want us, submissive and incapable of thinking!!!

      PC is totally dumb...

      Good post Crissie!!!

      Traci xoxo

    • November 4, 2017 1:39 PM GMT
    • Gripe, moan, mutter, David Walliams castigated for going to Johnathan Ross's Haloween party dressed as Kim Jon, people saying it was demeaning and racist,   Can't think of a better devil figure to depict, of course if one feels the need to ape a bufoon, its got to be Kim Jon, Boris Johnson or Donald Trump, why don't people moan about kids dressing as Cowboys or Indians,   Bunny girls is'nt that demeaning and insulting to Rabbits,  Poor Cats, and the stick that devils and vampires get.    Trans people moaning about male nurses that dress up and have a bed race to raise money for breast cancer,   Ban the pantomine horse, the ugly sisters and the prinicple boy, who is realy a girl!



    • August 1, 2017 10:08 AM BST
    • Leeds gender clinic now have people working in outreach/peer support roles,they can offer you help with transitioning as well as providing practical support. They also run groups for people on the waiting list. 

      If you would like to know more, drop me a message :) 

    • July 4, 2017 10:21 AM BST
    • Hi there!Hope you’re well.

      I’m getting in touch on behalf of a group of people working on a new trans representation in the media survey built on the 2010 Trans Media Watch survey 'How Transgender People Experience the Media' as attached.

      Along with Jennie Kermode, author of the previous survey, All About Trans has been working with Sarah Lennox, Josephine Shaw and me on an updated survey, seeing what has changed in 7 years. What impact does the media have on trans people’s lives today? How can trans advocacy organisations make a difference?

      We’re asking trans* and gender questioning adults – 18 years plus – to take the survey. Open only until Monday 31st July, the anonymous survey takes a little time to complete, but is an excellent opportunity to express how the media might affect you or your family. Findings will be shared in September.

      The survey is linked here:

      We would be very grateful if you could help filling this survey. Would you also be happy to share this with your wider network, please? We’d certainly appreciate your support here.

      We are doing follow-up interviews as well. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me ( Any questions or concerns regarding the survey are very welcome! Thanks so much in advance!


      All the best,


      Masters student at King's College London.


      *‘Trans’ is used here as an umbrella term for the broad spectrum of people who feel they are gender variant in some way, including but not limited to transsexual, transgender, non-binary and gender queer people.

    • June 30, 2017 9:11 PM BST
    • An update on that Channel 4 thing.  It is called "Transmission" (I know, righ.  I bet a C4 pannel spent a whole week and downed lots of plonk to think that one up).  Anyway, it starts in August.  So I have high hopes.



    • June 29, 2017 9:34 PM BST
    • Chanel 4 will be doing four, one hour, documentaries following the transition of several people over a two year period.  Sounds good.

      Also, just started on cable, at 9pm on Thursdays is series detailing the Stonewall riots, so this looks good.

      And Jazz is back on cable as well.


      So some good viewing on British TV to look forward to.



    • June 6, 2017 9:56 PM BST
    • Oooh.  Pretty.  But probably out of my budget.  Damn.  Envy is a terrible thing.  



    • May 30, 2017 4:24 AM BST
    • It was reported that Coach is buying Kate Spade for $2.4 billion. Perhap in the future you will say "My handbag is by "Coach Spade, and that is why it resembles a football." (smile) xoxo

    • May 30, 2017 1:59 AM BST
    • I own handbags by Kate Spade and Coach among others...(smile)


    • May 29, 2017 6:36 PM BST
    • #GotCoach  #GotKateSpade  (smile)


    • May 29, 2017 3:06 PM BST
    • Yeah I come with a lot of baggage.

    • May 29, 2017 3:06 PM BST
    • Yeah I come with a lot of baggage.

    • May 29, 2017 2:44 PM BST
    • Phew!!!  *giggles*...about those handbags????  


    • May 28, 2017 8:51 PM BST
    • Overall questionnaires are good for finding out what you want, or expect.  This is quite different from what you actually believe.  The thing is, the person filling out the questionnaire can usually figure out what it is about and then go about giving you the answer that they think you want.  This can work, if you allow for it.


      Take the infamous COGIATI for example.  This test has some very dodgy, generalised assumptions.  These are basically that men are good at maths, while women are not, but are equally good at literature and communication.  Since women are socially better than men, the assumptions go, it follows that women should be more clued up when given a social situation.  So very general assumptions that most people feel to be true.  It is also about as subtle, almost exactly like a brick isn't.  So the person filling out the quiz knows what the quiz is asking and what the results should mean.  So you would think that this would negate the results?  But if the person influences the results to give an answer for their ideal gender, it actually tells you a great deal.  If you were male in both mind and body, you would spot the flaws and go out of your way to "Butch" up the answers.  However, if you felt that you were more female in mind than body, you might either consiously or subconsiously influence the answers more in line with your target gender.  So it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, even though it is actually very crude as a questionaire, you have still gained a valuable insite into the answers that the person wants and not, necessarily what gender their mind actually is.


      So some value can be gained from even the worst questionnaire.  However, it is all down to interpretation and this can be flawed unless you have qualatiitive data to back it up.  You might use other peoples stats as well, for comparison.


      Anyway.  Enough stats waffle.



    • May 28, 2017 12:28 AM BST
    • "The assumption that you have perfect questionnaire design is a floored concept." true!  Garbage in, garbage out...surveys can be skewed to produce results slanted in the direction you're hypothesizing!  And too many variables extends the sample size needed to get proper true ratios worth using.

      One on one interviews with open ended questions seem to be a better way to dig deep to true feelings and meaningful information...might not fit the direction the interviewer wants to take it, but a good interviewer ought to figure out that quickly and change their questions on the fly...doing it that way is a lot harder and far more time onsuming though...

      Traci xoxo

    • May 27, 2017 10:38 PM BST
    • I think that surveys are good from an accademic point of view, since you can usually graph the data and come up with stats.  So lots of quantanive is good for making a point.  However, the qualatitive quotes are a pain to corelate, but in my view essential.  How can you find any sort of conclusions with just data.  The assumption that you have perfect questionnaire design is a floored concept.  Several sources are essential and actually asking somebody how they feel, or what their experiences are is a lot better than just jugling stats.


      Well, thats my view anyway.



    • May 13, 2017 2:11 PM BST
    • (grin)

      Blanchard is like Satan to the trans world!!!


    • May 13, 2017 1:56 PM BST
    • Baileys book was based on Blanchards work and other morons.    Blanchard then recanted some of his outrageous statements after

      universal uproar from the trans comunity and proper experts.   Tracie has been reading my threads xxXxxx

    • May 14, 2017 10:13 PM BST
    • Try this link instead: