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    • February 20, 2015 10:04 PM GMT
    • I have read through Marcy's first post a few times and I would say it looks like a genuine cry for help. The thing that concerns me is that , if this was her first attempt at joining a Transgender site she now knows she has to lie about her age to gain entry. So where did she go? If she did and most likely did look for another one. It is highly unlikely she would find one like this , she would have ended up on dating sites. The dangers there to a 15 year old I hate to think about.


      There have been two more since Marcy and I have just asked them to stay untill they are contacted . One I was very concerned about and I told her to avoid any contact with any member not displaying an image and for your own safety do not give out your personal contact details to anyone , just wait to be contacted by a member of the team. I am lost Frown this just saddens me and there is nothing I can do to stop it happening again. At least the former member cannot put me in corner again and prevent me from joining in a forum topic or post on the home page. I will just keep my eyes open. I do not miss much that goes on here.


      Take care x

    • February 20, 2015 6:07 PM GMT
    • There were only two active mods at the time, Marissa and myself, we cannot be here 24/7,   She was here and gone before I logged in to check reports.    So not able to get her email address.     People wonder why youngsters kill themselves,    Leelah springs to mind, Oh! if only she had found this place, and we were able to give her links and help in a positive way, to seek out secondry confidental help she obviouslt needed. in this instance a fool, made outrageous statements, brusque and needless remarks.    I think I was able to pass on a message to a mutal friend of hers who is a member, giving my personal email and apologies, so far heard nothing back.    We have a set procedure and standard letter format for instances for people like this, offering links to specialist charitable, registered sites.    The rules are simple

      yes they might be a troll, whatever, but the first consideration must be that they state they are underage, this must be the imporatant factor, and given suitable, direction and friendly advice. if they turn out to be a troll and stay, we can kick them out anyway. I would love the site to be able to cater for underage, but we do not have the resources they need, one of the reasons they cannot stay here, is they are vunerable and likely to be given the wrong advice and treated badly by a troll, which in this case happened.

    • February 20, 2015 1:08 PM GMT
    • There are different kinds of apologies, and it wouldn't necessarily have had to come from the 'former member'.
      The young girl here needed to know that the response she received was all wrong. She needed caring and a little guidance and a proper explanation as to why we are not able to offer her membership.
      Again, it's very disconcerting to imagine how she left and not know she's okay.
      Perhaps we need a better way to prevent underage individuals from joining (I'm not sure that age restrictions are even mentioned in the membership enrollment process? ...or are too easy to miss?) while also providing them with a positive and supportive message to help them along to where they can find help.

    • February 20, 2015 8:13 AM GMT
    • Hi Madeleine.

      The former member did not know how to say sorry. Marcy a 15 year old apologised for being honest , another thing the former member never knew what the meaning of the word is (honesty). Marcy's account was closed very fast and I do not know how it was closed . I do know her final post was above on the 6th of December , the same day she joined GS.


      I was sickened by the treatment of such a young girl from a member who always said they were a teacher. Ignorant words like that could push a young person over the edge if their mind is in a mess and we all know how that feels. I only wish I could have given her some support but as you know if I had responded here in this thread I would have been the one removed from GS.


      This must never ever be allowed to happen again. I try to keep my eyes on everything that goes on here and I will speak out if I see a wrong. In this case I could say nothing and all I could do was report the post.

      Above are two former members , one was in their 60s and the other just 15 years old. It is very easy to see which one had some manners and even respect , a very good sign that the children of today are not all bad. Some adults should never be allowed near children and I may just let the former members employer know what this person is really like. I have the evidence and I know who to send it to.


      Take care , x

    • February 20, 2015 4:57 AM GMT
    • Does anyone know if Marcy was given any kind of apology, explanation, or genuine help before she left? Do we have reason to believe she's okay? This is very disconcerting and upsetting wondering what state she may have been in when she left and I really hope she's okay.

    • January 31, 2015 6:46 PM GMT
    • I could not post at the time Crissie what I wanted to as I was warned to keep away from the member or I would be removed from GS. All I could do was report the post but whether or not my report was taken seriously I have no idea.


      Steve was shocked as should anyone be reading that response so all I could do is try to put Steve's mind at rest by stating it is being dealt with.


      The former member far outstayed any welcome here . Marceline , the poor 15 year old showed more honesty in one single opening post than the whole time the former member did here at GS. This kind of treatment of a young trans person just saddens meCry.

    • January 31, 2015 2:35 PM GMT
    • First time I have read this,   To say I'm shocked, disgusted, horrified that someone should join so young and recieve such a reception, especially from the person who posted a picture of a young actress claiming it was of themselves.


      Yes there is an age limit here of 18, prescribed by law.   But young people are sent a helpful letter, with guidance for sites that specialise in that field, trusted and registered sites.    They are also offered a session with our on line councellor, therapist before being asked to leave.


      Yes we do get the odd troll here, pretending to be underage or young people, BUT in all cases new members like this should be treated with respect and offered the help they need,  the thought of them being trolls should take second place.    The emphasis on this site should be help and understanding in the first instance.

    • December 6, 2014 10:03 PM GMT
    • Steve this is being dealt with. Thanks for your concern.

    • December 6, 2014 4:18 AM GMT
    • Welcome to GS Marceline. :)


      And Chalice......Do you really think what you have said to Marceline, is in the least bit tactful or respectful??


      All Marceline is asking for is help and support in a really difficult time in her life. Is it too hard to have a little understanding?


    • December 6, 2014 2:55 AM GMT
    • i don't think i did... but, it's whatever. i'll leave. i'm sorry

    • December 6, 2014 2:48 AM GMT
    • I think if you said you were 18 when you joined that puts you in a bind legally. 


    • December 6, 2014 2:00 AM GMT
    • My apologies, I'll leave if i'm reqested to. I didn't mean to step on anyone's toes, I simply wanted a community that understood what I was going through. but umm... what do you mean by "logical flaws"?

    • December 6, 2014 1:17 AM GMT
    • Hello.


      15yo, WTF!


      You have to forgive the scepticism but there are a couple of logical flaws in your story.


      So anyway, whatever your reasons for being here (I have my suspicions), you need to be 18.



    • December 6, 2014 12:26 AM GMT
    • Hello! My name is Marceline (most people call me "Marcy") Trahan. I am a 15 year old transgirl that lives in Arkansas. I joined this community for... I guess someone to talk to, and help to me through this extremely confusing and frustrating time in my life. This post is not "my story." This post is my request for help.


      I've been presenting myself as a woman publicly since about the middle of summer. My mother knew that I liked to crossdress (later followed by me telling her that I wanted to be a woman and her... not taking it well, BUT THAT'S FOR A DIFFERENT POST!) I digress, i've been going to school as a girl since about the start of this school year (again, to my mother's dismay) and i'm quite accepted and liked, fortunately I haven't been bullied much at all by my peers, there was obviously the occasional stupid question, but, you can't blame someone who's never had the opportunity to be informed about something for not being informed about something. Most of the "school friends" that I hang out with have no problem addressing and acknowledging me as a woman. HOWEVER, it seems like the only person who doesn't acknowledge me as a woman is... well, me! that's not to say that I don't think i'm transgender, i've thought about that for a really really long time, what i'm saying is, no matter how pretty I try to make myself look, I always see myself as a guy when I look in the mirror, like, all of my male features are the only ones I notice. Fortunately i'm on blockers, but i'm not allowed to start estrogen until 18. It seems like i'm in this prepertual state of bullying myself in my head. I really want a boyfriend, I want to feel like a normal happy teenage girl but, i'm not. I'm frequently low-energy and depressed, I want to be happier. So, that's why i'm here.


    • February 20, 2015 12:24 PM GMT
    • Welcome to the site.


      One of the reasons for some 'limitations' are to prevent people posting inappropriate photos. This is not a dating site after all, but a resource of support for transgendered people. We actually offer much more 'free' access than most other sites where you have to pay in order to post, upload, and browse members profiles. 


      Have a good look around the forums, as you will find them full of useful information, and feel free to submit your own posts. 

    • February 16, 2015 6:06 AM GMT
    • This is a great place to be with people who understand and support.  And are sassy and funny.  And helpful.  Browse the forums for a while and you'll see so many others just like you.  It's a great source of info...  

    • February 14, 2015 10:15 PM GMT
    • Cool!!!

    • February 14, 2015 10:14 PM GMT
    • Thanks for all your comments. I mean there is some limits, like editing yout posted photos that are a bit difficult. But understand me well, I am not complaining at all. Just noticing. However, all in all, people and their attitute are the most important things :)

    • February 14, 2015 9:31 PM GMT
    • "I'm gonna stay here as I found this site very interresting but somehow limited in the free version"


      This is not clear for to elaborate?

      And frankly, like anything, you get out of it what you put into it...welcome to GS and I hope you find what you are seeking!

      Traci xoxo

    • February 14, 2015 8:31 PM GMT
    • Hi ya.

      Yes this website is very interesting. It is a mine of information that no other website can match that does not involve sexual content or being harrased for sex.

      It is free because others help to keep it free by paying. No member here has to pay but it does help run the place because without paying members it would die.

      I  hope you do decide to upgrade your membership at some point as it will benefit you and others.


      You are free to express yourself here , you can ask questions and get answers . You can answer questions to those that need answers if you know the answers. This is a unique website , it needs more interation though. The members that stay loyal and log in everyday make it like a family. At times just like a family we have disagreements but there is also a lot of love here and genuine people who really do want to help others.


      Take care x.

    • February 14, 2015 7:49 PM GMT
    • I'm new here. Looking around and looking to make some friends or paypals. I don't look for love, as I am happily married to a wonderful understanding girl. However in my life I have not so much space for my gender expression (I identyfy as androgyne/genderqueer).  I don't know yet how long I'm gonna stay here as I found this site very interresting but somehow limited in the free version. However feel free to contact me.


      Best Regards


    • February 20, 2015 12:18 PM GMT
    • Lisa, by your own admission, you love dressing and feeling feminine so stop worrying about it. Many of us tried to hide and suppress our feelings, sometimes because we didn't fully understand them, sometimes because we were told that there was something 'wrong' with us. Thankfully, the world is a more enlightned place now so you should simply embrace your diversity and enjoy life. 

    • February 17, 2015 7:59 AM GMT
    • Hi Lisa,


      My experience is that those of us who have dressed since early childhood are frequently actually trans-sexuals; and, confuse their status and identity with cross-dressers, over what can be a whole lifetime. I came from a class who accepted their lowly social status without question. As no questions were asked, we had no opportunity to obtain the information, guidance and counselling freely available to the 'wealthy and privileged. All that has now changed and parents can seek appropriate advice for their 'girls'.


      I am one of the last of the 'Dinosaur Class' ( thankfully ), and have to make do with what nature has inflicted upon me over half a century. I do however try my best to modify the situation with HRT, hair removal and surgery, etc. All this would be un-necessary now, with delayed puberty and appropriate treatment in the first place.


      Once the years of guilt, mis-information,  suppression and enforced drug abuse ( Testosterone only ) pass by, we tend towards what for me is now the inevitable path to Gender Reassignment. Ecah step increases the 'craving' for the next, in my case; simply because I never realised how unhappy I had been in my pevious rôle in life.


      I hope this short resumé gives you some help from the point of view of just one individual, who for a very long time thought that this relentless drive was cross-dressing only.


      Kind Regards,



    • February 17, 2015 7:25 AM GMT
    • I guess the only thing I can say is you go girl! I'ts tough at times but there are other times when it's all good. We both know it's all good.....:)  If your new then you have much to think about but I'm pretty sure you've already done all that thinking or you wouldn't be here. So what do you do now? Take it a day at a time and be sure that others are on the same learning curve you are. Be sure that some things don't matter to some and to others those things are huge. Know you didn't get there alone and know you aren't alone now. 

      It's all good at the end of the day. 


    • February 17, 2015 6:54 AM GMT
    • I'm new to this. i have been CD for years ince my pre-teens. I have sought to rid myself of ghe feelings to "dress up" but have come to the conclusion that I can't stop te urges and feelings as they are a part of me. I am glad to have found a forum that I can ask questions, read and get information from people that can relate to what I am feeling. I love feeling feminine and love dressing up...That is ME! Thanks for letting me rant. :-)

    • February 4, 2015 8:07 AM GMT
    • okay. thank you all. i guess i just have to be patient for now. I wish it was easy. :(

    • February 3, 2015 11:39 PM GMT
    • It is okay to have a goal or destination in mind, but there is always the journey which can be as fulfilling and worthwhile - if you make it so. Keep in mind there is no one you are in a race with. Every step has its benefits and its costs - all parts of life are moments in learning. Find good help and there are good people like Amanda and others here to talk to. All the best in your journey! hugs, Briana : )

    • February 3, 2015 9:11 PM GMT
    • And yes do PM Amanda! She is amazing and is here for you when available. Sadly she is not on emegency call out and there is only one Amanda to go around.


      Take care x

    • February 3, 2015 9:03 PM GMT
    • Hi Alice .

      Could you please explain why you have to wait and why you cannot start your transition?. You are young and the sooner you see a specialist the better for you.

      Can you not put clothing out of your mind? that may help. Clothes do not make you a female the female is on the inside not the outside. Clothes are a fashion statement and an expression of taste and choice. Yes they are an important part of being female but not a severe concern. The main concern should for now be your health and well being and that means in your mind.

      You cannot escape mirrors and you cannot escape the fact you were born into a male body. What you can escape is bad thoughts though. If you think positive thoughts and think of the future it may make the now feel better. Think of what you can be and not who you are right now.

      I know it hurts but you do need to do this fo yourself. You can pull yourself together if you think positive , thinking negative will make you feel worse.

      You are with others who understand here but there is only so much that can be done on the internet. The support is here for you from others who have been in your situation and made it , you can make it.


      Take care x

    • February 3, 2015 8:51 PM GMT
    • Alice, I'm sorry that you find yourself in such a painful and apperntly hopeless place.  You do not say how old you are, but I suspect that you are, perhaps an early teenager.  If I am wrong, no matter.  What is important that you are clearly at the start of a long, difficult, and sometimes painful journey.  There are many people here wo have gone through the same agonies as you have, and have blossomed out at the other end.


      There IS no quick fix, Alice. Sadly, it is a journey of one slow step at a time.  Each slow step DOES bring it's own understandings, and is, inevitably, another buliding block in the foundation of your own reality.


      Alice - I KNOW it's hard but slow down - alright, not what you want to hear - but that is the reality.  Talk to the wonderful ladies you'll find on here.. Listen to them, and if you want to, PM me.



      Amanda, Site Shrink

    • February 3, 2015 8:09 PM GMT
    • Hi. please help me. I can't control my feelings and thoughts. I can't start the transition yet and I have to wait for a long time to be able to do it. but the problem is that I cannot wait that long. I can't pull myself together and I'm in a really difficult situation. looking at female clothes is painful, seeing other girls is painful, being called as a boy is painful, waking up in the morning as a boy is painful. I hate mirrors and I hate the fact that I'm becoming more masculine over time. everything is so painful!!! :(((

    • January 20, 2015 6:20 PM GMT
    • I'm entirely with Cristine here.  You have a long journey ahead, but it is immensely important that you do not rush things - just what you wanted to hear, right?


      You will get all the support and information you need here, I hope, and never be afraid to ask.  Be careful of the siren voices that say "Hey, just go for it - get your hormeones from the nice guy on the street corner, and before you know it. you'll be a real girl."


      Boring old fart, right?


      There are many members on this great site who have completed the journey you have embarked upon.  Ask them, use their experience, because it has been hard won.


      This is going to be as hard as it gets for anybody, so please plan every step! And ib the end, you get your butterfly wings.  Best wishes!

    • January 20, 2015 3:31 PM GMT
    • Hiya Alexis, firstly welcome to the forums.    Its rather more dificult in the USA as opposed to here in the UK, your pourney depends on the laws of the state your in, changing name etc.    Transitioning is a personal need for happiness and contentment,   Hang on in there, many people have already traveled the path your about to start on and are making a success of their new life.     Its not easy, so many things to consider, employment, family support.    But there are a lot of girls here from the US that will offer yo support and advice.

    • January 20, 2015 9:13 AM GMT
    • Hi Alexis welcome to GS I'm sure the girls here will help you out

    • January 20, 2015 2:55 AM GMT
    • Hi... I'm Alexis (legal name is David) I've realized I'm a transwoman for about a month now. I'm 19, I live in New jersey, and I'm scared And don't know what to expect. I've always known I'd been different, always felt more comfortable around girls and more uncomfortable around guys. I'm not a feminine girl but I want to change. I've never matched who I am on the outside and being a girl trapped in the body of a 6'4 215lb man has put a toll on my heart. I'm tired of being stared at and feared for my size and assigned gender. 


      Anyway, I hope to learn all I need to know like how long it takes to get on hormones, how to do makeup, what I should tell my doctor, and just meet new people with the same challenges and become a member of this family :-) I love you all, even if we haven't met or spoken and thank you for greeting me with such open arms and compassion. Xoxo

    • January 15, 2015 12:17 PM GMT
    • Hi April welcome to GS

    • January 13, 2015 1:41 AM GMT
    • Hello April - I too am the proverbial wallflower - always have been. All the best in your efforts - there are many good people here. 

    • January 12, 2015 11:57 PM GMT
    • I am a new member and a bit shy. I tend to read a lot but only speak up if I feel like I have something valuable to contribute. I long for some friends to girl talk with, although making friends isn't always my forte. So, if you see me "peering around the corner", I am just shy and hopefully will get up the nerve to say hello.


    • January 11, 2015 9:37 PM GMT
    • Thank you very much Rosie for the welcome message.


      Rosie Walla

    • December 8, 2014 7:43 PM GMT
    • Thanks for the warm and friendly welcome here!



    • January 6, 2015 5:05 PM GMT
    • Thank you Jessica i will hold on to her tight.

      I know how luck I am.

      Hugs SarahLaughing

    • January 5, 2015 5:10 PM GMT
    • Hi Sarah. Wow hold on to her tight! That is a really good thing she helps out. It's vital I would think for happiness in both you alls relationship. Happy new year to you both and welcome.


      Hugs back at you, Jessica

    • January 3, 2015 2:07 PM GMT
    • Hi i'm Sarah i am happily married to Petula i have been married for 27 years,

      I have also been crossdressing for this time and my wife helps me a lot i count myself very lucky that i have an understanding wife.

      Hope everyone had a good christmas and happy new year from myself and my wife.

      Hugs SarahLaughing

    • December 27, 2014 7:01 PM GMT
    • Hay I'm not to bad now . How's u ?

    • December 26, 2014 3:16 PM GMT
    • Cooeee! How's it going babe?

    • December 25, 2014 7:31 PM GMT
    • Hi Di hi folks Chris so here some of you mite remember me been here before but not for some time.  Any one still here from 2008 2009



    • December 26, 2014 11:05 PM GMT
    • Finally got an answer. 

      But I had to keep 'darling' 


    • December 21, 2014 5:40 PM GMT
    • First of all, you must accept yourself as you are OK!  It is society's narrow view of the gender binary that prevents people from being comfy somewhere in between.  

      Second, do not rush into full disclosure with your wife...please do allow her to sit on the info she has and give her time to sort it out.  Most people have limited, at best, ideas of any of this and it tends to be influenced by religious standards, which today, is totally negative.  Be frank with her in whatever she might want to know, but do not take it beyond what she knows unless she asks.  In time, she will or ought to soften her stance if she does not feel "threatened".  By threatened, people usually see what the ramifications are to them, not really caring about you.  

      So be patient and learn to love yourself!

      Best wishes always!

      Traci xoxo

    • December 21, 2014 5:06 PM GMT
    • Just wanted to add an intro post here. My real name is Dan. I'm 53, married and retired. Yes, I retired at a slightly younger age than most. I worked for the US gov't for over 25 years and, because of the nature of my job, I was eligible to retire once I turned 50. I do have hobbies and interests to keep me busy, some my own and some I share with my wife. The two things we do together are scuba diving and beekeeping. We met 10 years ago on a scuba diving trip to Cozumel, Mexico. We lived 1,500 miles apart but it only took 10 months before she moved to be with me. 8 years later, when I retired, we moved to her state to kick back and enjoy life without the daily grind of working for the man. Beekeeping came along as a way to take a hobby and make some extra money. It expands your hzizons as I'm constantly one to keep learning new things. And the honey is great.

      My gender variance is that I'm a crossdresser. The first time I wore womens clothes was when I was about 14 or so. My mothers pantyhose. Then I went on to wearing my sisters panties. It was erotic to say the least. When her friend Peggy stayed over one night, I stole into her room, took Peggy's bag and put her clothes on. I laid on my bed and masturbated. After that I kept a few of my sisters panties under the mattress in my room to wear occasionally. Eventually I was caught by my mother. I knew something was up by the way my parents were looking at me with worried expressions. I have a large family, 3 brothers and 3 sisters, mostly older. Me and my father didn't have much of a relationship at all. I was quiet and introverted as a child. Looking back I have always felt that there was something different about me where I didn't interact well others beyond the superficial. I was told not to cry. When I was upset I was told to get over it. I wasn't growing up to the man I was supposed to be I guess.

      Anyway, that afternoon my father took me for a drive to pick up dinner. He asked me how the clothes got there. All I said was I don't know and clammed up. Didn't say a word. He gave up eventually, maybe hoping this incident scared it out of me. Well, they didn't keep the information to themselves as my older brother called me a fag. That day forward, I was never happy at home. I tried to spend as little time there as I could. My sister caught me one more time, seeing that some of her lingerie was missing. All she said to me was, "put it back".

      Once I was out of the house and on my own, life crossdressing obviously became easier, but I still kept it in the closet. I carried, and still do, a lot of shame that I still need to work out. It will come with time and some professional therapy. I came out to my wife last week, you can read that post in the Coming Out forum. Things are progressing slowly with her I am being patient and understanding. I think I'll just start a blog and write out everything that I can remember as it comes along.

      So, happier to be where I am right now. There is a lot of stress and anxiety but it is less than before I explained me to my wife.

    • December 2, 2014 9:24 AM GMT
    • Hi Sage, Welcome to GS you look great by the way wish I'd been able to do things at 16 wish you well hope you find what your looking for.