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    • October 23, 2019 9:34 PM BST
    • What I was trying to say was within our community the word Tranny is an all inclusive word, Transsexual, Transgendered, Transvestite, like a family name, friendly, empathetic  not intended to be offensive, insulting or derogatory.    Not the word as used outside the community which generally does include words, like pervert, queer etc.


    • October 22, 2019 7:23 PM BST
    • Actually breaches of confidentiality are not relevant, regarding photographs, the copyright belongs to the person who took the picture, especially if the person or persons in the photograph were aware that the picture was taken, or passively allowed it.   It comes under the realms of artistic licence, unless a formal contracts is in existence, as in photographers employed by newspapers etc, then the rights to distribute, publish, would be down to the corporations employing them.

    • October 22, 2019 12:10 PM BST
    • Sorry there are some problems with the site right now. The software is due for a big upgrade. That should fix most of the existing probs. I’ll talk to the developers today and see if we can get it done soon.



    • October 21, 2019 9:13 PM BST
    • I still log in occasionally, but cannot see who is also logged on, so many things do not work now, access to photo albums, videos, private chat, its worse than TW when that started falling apart.   Loved this site, wanting to help and support people with problems, sharing research, giving legal advice where needed.  7 years I spent studying, to help people, inspired by others on here, used to be an oasis for like minded people, yes even I have been insulted, suffered innuendo's about my status, but I rose above it, for the bigger picture, what do we have here now? nothing!    If Katie was alluding to Lilene Li. the moderator, Li Li was a real person living in the USA we had mutual acquaintances when I was in CA.     Check my log in IP for this entry, Miami? really. 

    • October 21, 2019 5:40 PM BST
    • Hi girls, I'm still here too.  It's great to hear from you again Racheal.  I remember all the good times and great people we had on here.  I met many of our members on lots of occasions when Katie ventured out all dressed up to the nines in her best gladrags.  On several occasions I found myself at Transmission and/or the Wayout in London and also the Philbeach Hotel in Earl's Court, which is now gone.  I also used to go to Ron Storme's in Stepney.  That's showing my age a bit!

      I also went along to Sparkle two or three times and one year we had a Trannyweb tent in Sackville Gardens and our own netball team!

      I remember that one evening, a bunch of us ended up in Napolean's.  That was a very boozy night and at one stage, Lucy pulled my wig off (by accident I think).  What fun we had!

      There was another occasion when I had tried to organise a night out with a meal and then a late bar and dancing in Manchester but I was very late arriving at the hotel.  I had driven up that day from the south coast, got stuck in loads of roadworks, had a tyre blow out, got soaked in the rain and turned up about an hour and a half late.  All the girls were in the bar and as I never met most of them before, some were starting to suggest that I didn't actually exist.  I remember they were very cross when I arrived and there was a bit of an atmosphere all evening.  Still, I think we all made up eventually and parted on good terms.

      There were a few very prominent members over the years who in fact, did not exist.  I won't name any names here but honestly, we were all fooled for a long time by some of the most long-standing and prolific members.  One in particular I'm thinking of, was one of our moderators.  She apparently lived in the US but she was never actually seen by anyone, often pulling out of live meetings at the last moment for some made up reason or other.  I was blown away when I discovered that she had the same IP address as another member who lived in the UK, meaning they both logged in from the same computer and were most likely, one and the same person!!!

      We once had a nice young member who was very popular and well loved by the other members.  It came as a terrible shock when we were told one Sunday morning that she had apparently just died in hospital.  I called the hospital myself to ask for more info and was told that no such person existed and that there had been no deaths on her ward that week!!!

      There were many incidents like that over the decades since Trannyweb started in 1999.  I could go on...

      Mostly it was fun though.  We had to change the name however, because the word Tranny became toxic and we had to change the software too, because the rickety old stuff was no longer supported and just wasn't working right anymore.

      Suddenly, there was an exodus of our members to Facebook and suchlike.  We have had many new groups of regular members since then however.  Times change, people move on, the world turns and new names appear in their place.

      We're still here, different, trying to move with the times and adapt to the ever changing web, but we are still here and that's the main thing.


      Katie   :)
      PS I've attached a photo from Sparkle back in 2008. It's Lucy talking to another member outside our Trannyweb tent.  I've pixelated the other member's face out but I'm guessing Lucy will be okay with it. If not, let me know.

    • October 10, 2019 8:26 AM BST
    • I do most certainly recall Meredith Newton. I think her icon looked like a charlie brown kid or something. meredith was on here a lot. Always a really helpful and understanding person. Im so sad she has gone. It kind of hammers it home that we are all so fragile. In helping others. being honest none of us are trained in that sort of field. Its far better to direct them to a proffesional. Who has the skill set.



      Ill be more than happy to send you the pictures relating to you Lucy. Plus some generic ones from that night. Also what others i can find regarding what you would like to recall from then.  I have many gathered from all the girls who i want to try and trace.

      I have quite a few and will sort them out. If you send me an email address i can use for you in a private messgae then i will pop them in the Epost so to speak. The site messenger doesnt work to well for me as far as attachments are concerned. Not sure if it is my browser or the site. But i will get just a worded message for sure.


      Ive found Lucy.  We have not all gone for good. Now just for the others.


      I looked at the pictures on the transmission site. yes there is some i was aquainted with. But never knew there names or where they was from. More just passed in the night.  I see Sarah and Julie. and i think in the last picture. The Girl in the blue dress was perhaps one of those who i spoke about outside the hotel.  Happy days they was then. My life was full of crap at that point and i did some really stupid things. Then i think the outside of me tried to radiate happiness but inside i was very close to giving it up. However these were the  times i could forget about all the problems and just for a while escape to a diffrent world As i said previous we was a family and had much respect for each and every one of us in our own ways.


      I do wonder if any other the others had the relisation that it wasnt just a weekend thing and felt they needed to expand there existance. Knowing it was not how they was meant to be? In a way i hope so. But on the other hand many would have left sites like this behind. I do still like to pop in on occasion. My past had a bearing on the future i have now. I could never forget the good times and surport i got from others who understood. However when i do look back on the past times and some of the pictures i relise how much i have moved on and how diffrent i look and my life is. 

    • October 9, 2019 4:57 PM BST
    • I think I remember the other two girls who we chatted to outside the hotel, I met them a few more times since then, good looking couple. If you have time and don't mind Racheal please do send me some pics. I lost a few of my old photos when my Windows 98 machine imploded. It was bound to happen...

      Just had a quick search and realised I got the month wrong, the Transmission party in question was 5th June 2004, not May.

      Found some photos on their old website, Jules and Sarah are there but no-one else from our group. A few familiar faces though.


    • October 9, 2019 4:13 PM BST
    •   I too joined back in 2007 when it was TW.  I made friends with many here and kept grew close to Meredith Newton. She was a professor of history and taught at the university level, as well as an author of 3 books. One on the history of Jazz and two on history of women.  Her passion also extended to being a docent at Museums in Chicago, Denver and Kansas City. I still remember her talking about taking a group on a tour of a submarine in Chicago,  and got her High Heel stuck in a deck grating inside the sub.  I would have loved to have seen her then.

      We kept in touch by phone for many years, as she moved from Chicago to Denver and finally Kansas City.Unfortunately, she struggled with alcohol on a day to day basis, along with the struggles of being a special girl. She passed away earlier in the year due to alcohol and depression.  In her legacy, she has a wonderful daughter, three books she authored, and a rich career as a teacher.  I miss her! I also wonder how we might help other girls struggling with similar issues. 

    • October 9, 2019 9:06 AM BST
    • I think your right Lucy. You was all in the lobby. We went outside for the picture to get the taxis.

      Now you say it i also recall Julie kicking up a stink with the taxi. There was a couple of other girls outside who i also have a picture with the rest of us. But no idea who they were. It was like that then. We was all in the sasme happy family regardless.

      I think there was so many in that hotel going to either Transmission or way out or many of the clubs way back then  that night we basically ran the place. Well thats how it felt anyway.  I do not recall anyone being told to calm down. Not that we was being bad. Just in very good sprits.


      Such a shame we all went our seperate ways. As the original post asks. Where are they now. I would so love to get everyone on skype one day or something like that. have a laugh about the old days and see what became of everyone.

      We all had a certain camaraderie. For me anyway. I do hope they have all had great lives and forfilled there dreams. I know i have. But it would be really great to know what ever happened to them.

      Even if god forbid they have past on. lets face facts none of us are really getting younger and that was a long time ago. Otherwise to answer the question:

      Are they still as they were? Did they like me and you Lucy go beyond the realms of just the occasional night out then back to the day job. Most of all at least they are all safe and well. I do not really care if for some it was just a fetish. they was still all my pals. Sisters in suffering etc etc.

      I still do have many photos of those days. Most are digitised and all sitting there waiting to be claimed. I do look at them once in a while. Even if i cringe at myself. Then think of the great times. Trannyweb was buzzing then with chat of our next venture into the world.

      Myself and Sarah living not far from me. use to go to other clubs and meetings. really go out whenever we could.  then nena and clair just see them as and when. They use to come over to my place once every so often as then i had a fair size house and use to have little get togethers when circumstances allowed.

      We was almost like a secret society then i guess. Its not really the site has changed. Its just the world has changed and is more open to the fact there are people who are trans


      I would love to retrace all of them. you have the likes of facebook now which makes it easier. But in reality if you do not know the names they actually went by and not the names that they just used. its almost impossible. Hense im hopeing some perhaps come back here once in a while for nostagia or maybe come back under a diffrent name sometimes and would llike to reconnect. As much as i cringe at my old picture i still have such happy memorys of those days. In a way it shaped who i am today as with all the past times. realated to this and otherwise.

      I did notice nena still had an account here but it hasnt been used since 2010. As for the others i cannot find a trace. Im not sure if im just not useing it correctly but thats all im getting.

    • October 8, 2019 2:10 PM BST
    • I think I met you all in the lobby just as Emma and I came out of the elevator, a few minutes before someone took that photo. I remember Jules chasing a taxi driver down the road who'd changed his mind about picking us up! And later I recall Nena and I comparing our flat tummies, a contest which I would lose today :)

      It really was lovely to meet you all in person. I haven't spoken to any of this group since the TW days, though i think some of them did migrate onto TGS.

    • October 8, 2019 1:46 PM BST
    • Thanks Lucy for the removal of the picture. I appreciate it.


      I can also say. Those nights were awesome. Was it really that long ago?


      I always recall everyone going to the hotel I think me personally was 4 in our room. me, Nena, Julie, and sarah.


      I think me and sarah got there a bit late  on that particular night. so by that time the room party was in full swing. We came up together as we lived not to far from each other.

      I think we must have met you and Sarah Anne, along with Emma outside. thats where that pic was taken. it was on a camera phone i think hense the quality but all the same it still brings it back.


      Then all in a couple of taxis to transmission. I can still recall the exitement. It did not matter how many times you went. You still got butterflies in the tummy.

      I noticed the transmission website is still avaliable but sadly not many of the links work on it anymore.

      I think we was all up to silly oclock. I ended up crashing on a chair in someones room. God knows whos it was  But I do recall waking up feeling like i had been hit by an express train and thats with the watered down drinks. But we didnt care if they put water in them. We just kept them coming.


      Happy days

      Lucy! Do you still have any contact with sarah and Emma?

    • October 8, 2019 10:36 AM BST
    • Yes Jessica, that was me on the left.

      Everyone took photos on all of our many nights out, everyone shared them, and posted them here and on other sites with everyone's consent. As Racheal has politely asked for it to be removed from this thread I have done so, with the caveat that I can not take down all photos in forums and albums. Other photos from other peoples' past still exist here and elsewhere. Your internet history is a virtual minefield when you live in stealth.

      Of all the photos taken in my past, that is one of my favourites. The happiest of times for me, and the night when I first got to meet all of the southern girls who I'd been speaking to for several weeks online. My first night out with a large group of girls, my first visit to an actual trans club, my first makeover...

      I stayed up until 6 or 7 in the morning and snogged some fit girl outside the hotel before eventually going to bed... for only one hour before driving 5 hours back up north. 

      It was an awesome night, thank you to everyone who made it so special.



    • October 7, 2019 1:52 PM BST
    • Thanks Rachel. 


      You never know , you may find some of them who once were here. I noticed many girls and guys moved to facebook once it went public and started to gain popularity. FB is so amazing in many ways but I always found it devoid of depth and nitty gritty detail we could relate here. The social media world has many trans related places these days but few if any ever have met up with what TW/GS offered us. The community here was so great. 


      I love that photo by the way! What an amazing picture and all the women look so happy and beautiful. 


      Lucy you have always been so gorgeous!. Is that you on the left?


      Just my opinion, but somehow I think none of those girls would mind such a pretty photo of them back in the day being posted here. :)

    • October 7, 2019 10:51 AM BST
    • Hey Lucy. Thank you. Its taken me a long time and lots of pain and suffering but i got there. I cannot think of all the money ive spent but hey ho. Im happy now. oh and i lost about 4 stone since then to lol.. that made a big diffrence. For some reason i cannot upload a new profile picture. Keeps saying im full up. But as starnge as it seems it will not let me get to the album to delete any so i would have changed it for something a little more up to date but had to set it on a very old one. But not to worry. Thank you for the compliment about the old one


      I cant see your face but you always looked super so. I do not think you could be improved anymore than you looked then.

      As i said i have a couple of you from that night that you maybe havent seen. If you would like i will find them and send them to you. Just in case. have you heard from anyone else?


      Yes i would like the picture removed. Im deep stelth now and anything linking to my past is not very healthy for me personally should anyone put 2 and 2 together. I also have no idea other than yourself what any of the others are doing. I know the last time i spoke to Sarah which was maybe 8 years ago now she was or seemed to be in deep denial. So i dont think she would like it. As for the others i have no idea but can only assume that she may not like it. Clair. No idea. Just lost contact. Same with Julie and Nena. In fact you are the only one i know of that is left and who still comes on here. I search for the profiles from days gone by and they do not exist anymore.

    • October 7, 2019 10:43 AM BST
    • The two on the right are Emma (her and I had just had makeovers at Pandora De'Pledge) and Sarah Anne Slavin.

      I will take the photo down if you really want me to but there are hundreds of similar photos going back years all over this site.

      I haven't seen any of these girls here for many years.

      This was my first night out in London, and only my second or third night out dressed, ever!

      Was a great night. :)

      Also, you look fabulous! Lovely to see you again.


    • October 7, 2019 10:16 AM BST
    • Hi Jessica. Im so sorry to hear about your father, my heart goes out to you but im glad you are now on your right path. So many names we still hold in our hearts and minds. We do ask ourselfs were did they go and what there lives turned out to be?


      Personally I do worry i will never get to hear of most of these people  again i knew and loved them all and they had such bearing on my future. Even if i did not relise at the time. My aim is to hear from perhaps some again and know of there trials and tribulations.



      OMG Well well Lucy Diamond. Theres there is a Gender society  or Tranny web legend. How are you doing?

      I have some pictures of you from around that time. maybe ones you have never seen. Be glad to share them with you in a pesonal message should you want to recap


      I recall that picture.  I do not remember the names of the last Two on the right. perhaps you could refresh my memory in a personal messgae. Sarah something springs to mind. But that was so long ago


      Can i also ask you remove it from the site. Granted i look very diffrent now but all the same out of respect for the others there.  Perhaps they wouldnt like there past catching up with them for one reason or another. It was a long time ago. Just thinking out loud but maybe it would hurt them now to know that others could know of there past. Same as me really.  Im also thinking of GDPR and  you cant get much more persoanl data than a photograph really. They may not want to share. Thank you

      Images of small groups are likely to constitute personal data and must therefore be treated in accordance with data protection legislation.


      Sorry about that but. Its just legisation. We do not want to be in breach for the sake of everyone


      Have you heard from anyone else from those days? They was quite wild at times.

    • October 6, 2019 3:05 PM BST
    • Photo from May 2004 removed by request.

    • October 6, 2019 11:22 AM BST
    • Hi Rachel. I joined in 2009 when it was still Tranny Web. You have me beat by a good 6 years but I do recall your posts on the forums. I have not logged in for over a year here and had only very sporadically for a few years even before that but for some reason I had an urge tonight to log in and see if GS was still up and running. To my delight it was!

      I'm glad to hear things have progressed for you and you find yourself in a happy content place now. This site sure helped me out in my beginning stages also and even though I hit some serious rough patches in my transition after I faded away from here I know the people I met and things that were shared amongst us helped me immensely embracing myself up until this very day through thick and thin. 

      I'll always be grateful for the people and safe place that tranny web/ Gender Society allowed me and the friends I made here have. 

      Hi Traci, Hi Briana, Hi Briana, Hi Jan, Hi Karen, Hi Debbie, Hi Robin, Hi Layla, Hi April, Hi Carol, Hi Carol, Hi Pip, Hi Maci, Hi Jackie, Hi Sarah, Hi Gianna, Hi Maggie (RIP you amazing talented woman who were so kind to me and I enjoyed sharing our music together with you and talking about guitars and trans stuff), Hi Christine S., Hi Christine C., Hi Katie, Hi Amy, Hi Lucy, Hi Chloe/Melissa, Hi Jackie, Hi Davinia, Hi Roxanna, Hi Denise, Hi Petra and hi to anyone I left out.. its been some years please forgive me!

      Jessica was here 10/6/2019 .

      RIP to my loving father who I have taken care of the last 2 years which caused a hiccup in my transition a bit but I accept that and was glad to help in your caretaking for a long hard end stage of life you went through until you passed Sept 23 of this year. 

      My love and appreciation to all connected to this amazing site with so much history of support and care for the trans community.

    • October 5, 2019 4:16 PM BST
    •  Let me name some of the past members now gone but for me. Not forgotten.


      I joined the site on  27 September 2003. That was when it was called Trannyweb.




      My Pal and best buddy for quite a while during one of the most traumatic times in my life: SARAH CONOR. I miss her so much and would so love her to get in touch again. I still miss her even if i havent seen or spoken to her in so long. Every so often i wonder what she is doing? Is she happy?  Did she ever reach her goal? Sarah i still got the pictures you took when you was modeling. they will remain with me until you claim them.

      My good freind JULIE JULES. Who came from one of the Main ports in the UK. Julie. You was always on the edge but i loved you for that. Julie was one of those girls who was soft and sweet but in reality was military trained to take down anyone without breaking a sweat. You always felt safe when Julie was around.. I think i was one of the few who could actually keep her calm sometimes. Well i think i could i guess we may never know.. I guess i had a gift for that. Again I really hope you reached your goal and are well.

      I so cannot forget CLAIR RAND. Round to my place from the wilds of the north. Always a good laugh and up for most things. Where are you now?

       NENA WILLIAMS. I cannot forget Nena. She was a party girl and not scared of no one at no time. I can always recall Nena being first on the dance floor and last to leave. Transmission June 2004! Need i say more? Are you still the life of the party?


      Alex The scottish Frenchman. Well i think it was france you was living. You always had a kind word and a wonderful story to tell. I still recall a wedding picture you sent me. With something abpout how you got to wear a kilt for the wedding. What you doing now?


      If any of the above are no longer with us on this astral plain then that would be very sad. As I know people do. But I would have loved to have said my goodbyes.


      There are many who i use to know here. I hope they all had great lifes and are still living them.

      Please do shout out if you recall the old days and the old ways.

      Personally I must have been embarassing then. I look back on my past pictures and how, There is no way to put this more suttle. Like a bloke in a frock. I so cringe at those pictures. You was all so beautiful and i was just an ugly duckling. But Im diffrent now after all the surgery, Hormones and living as i should have been before life got in the way.  That was nearly 15 years ago. Am i the only one left here? Some may have known me as Mando or even Racheal. or even Beki Bondage. Which was my log in name even if i wasnt actually into any of that stuff. (It was actually a name of a Singer) But thats not my name now. I settled for something diffrent in the end and have kept it for the past 8 years.


      If you are from the old guard then stand up and lets count out loud. Whos left?


      What di you do with your life? Has it changed?


      Mine has. Im now in a great relationship with a long term partner. Im so deep stelth no one knows my past or has any inclination i was once diffrent. Most important of all i am So happy i consider everyday a blessing. Trust me it was not like that then. If i had carreid on the way it was then i doubt i would be here now. suicide would have called me to its bosom. But it did not and thank whichever god it turned out how it did. Im more than fifty bit since the hormones i look so much younger than i am for real. It kinda turned me into a Benjamin Button. It may have been that E or perhpas it was i was longer in a permanant state of sadness.

      For those that may recall im an essex girl. But I fly the essex flag in another part of the world now. I left my home and began a new life after my transistion was complete.

      I think i have photos still of most of the girls from way back then from the circle. Maybe i have one of you that you do not recall or have forgotten about. If thats the case them im happy to share with the subjects within.

      I think Trannyweb or the Gender society as its called now helped me understand. There was more to life than what i had.  So I must thank Katie for giving us this window and the opotunity to have met those people who i did along the way while active here.

    • August 27, 2019 11:40 PM BST

       Any Facebook groups you can recommend?

    • July 25, 2019 8:07 PM BST
    • Hi Susan,

      I have felt the same way in the past.  However, realizing that the real me was being shortchanged of her life was a turning point.  Denying who I am inside meant I was perpetuating a Fraud on myself.


      I truly enjoy discussing things with my female friends. I relate to them at a much deeper level than male friends. So, enjoy your new friendships, and be the best friend as you can be to your female friends and acquaintances. 

      Since these posts were from over a year ago, I'm curious - How has your friendships gone?


      Michelle Lynn

    • June 7, 2019 12:34 PM BST
    • Duty of Care and the law.   Prescription drugs.

      prescribing and managing
      medicines and devices (2013)
      1 In Good medical practice (2013)1
      we say:
      n 12 You must keep up to date with, and
      follow, the law, our guidance and other
      regulations relevant to your work.
      n 14 You must recognise and work within the
      limits of your competence.
      n 16 In providing clinical care you must:
      a prescribe drugs or treatment, including
      repeat prescriptions, only when you
      have adequate knowledge of the
      patient’s health, and are satisfied that
      the drugs or treatment serve the
      patient’s needs.
      b provide effective treatments based on
      the best available evidence
      f check that the care or treatment you
      provide for each patient is compatible
      with any other treatments the patient
      is receiving, including (where possible)
      self-prescribed over-the-counter
      n 18 You must make good use of the
      resources available to you.
      n 19 Documents you make (including clinical
      records) to formally record your work must
      be clear, accurate and legible. You should
      make records at the same time as the
      events you are recording or as soon as
      possible afterwards.
      n 21 Clinical records should include:
      a relevant clinical findings
      b the decisions made and actions agreed,
      and who is making the decisions and
      agreeing the actions
      c the information given to patients
      d any drugs prescribed or other
      investigation or treatment
      e who is making the record and when.


      Obviously this is not being carried out in this case.

    • June 3, 2019 10:10 PM BST
    • Yeah, its not that clear.  Gender GP are private providers and many parents have turned to this source of support for their children.  I think that the GMC is right, but there also needs to be more guidance for private practices in the UK, as there are a lot of desperate parents out there who can get frustrated by the wait.  There is definitely room for a private provision, but I think that there are also a lot of unscrupulous people who will exploit this.  As you say, the reports are a bit confusing.  I also found the comments very negative, again without too much outside of a news article.



    • June 3, 2019 7:24 PM BST
    • The reports are confusing, If I had an impacted wisdom tooth I would'nt go to see a hairdresser who sometimes did pedicures.    The GMC is quite clear and there are procedures laid out in Health guidelines and in the GRA, that GP's should refer these patients to a Gender Clinic, GP's should certainly not prescribe hormone treatments unless instructed to do so by the Clinic after exhaustive consultations.   The long term effects of HRT can be irreversible and damaging especially if the patient also has a genetic condition, this is why Clinics do blood tests and in some cases full genetic DNA scrutiny.   The thought of children being giving hormone therapy without close supervision is dangerous to say the least. 

    • May 18, 2019 10:03 PM BST


      Is it me or are they targeting anybody outside the NHS who handles trans kids?  Also, some of the GMC charges are that he is unqualified in the field.  Looking at his credentials he seems to have enough to satisfy.  Even so.  How do you become qualified in this field?  If having 1600 patients doesn't make you an expert, what does?

      This is another posting of the article:



      I find the responses interesting.  Is it me or are there a few negative mums getting on the band wagon?  I mean, what mother would join a forum with the tag "Sexnotgender"?  I get the feeling that a load of trolls have just signed up dummy accounts just to rant.



    • May 6, 2019 5:45 PM BST

      Dancing in 5" heels? I would probably hurt myself. 

      Michelle Lynn

    • May 6, 2019 2:14 PM BST
    • Try Sam Edelman.  They have several different styles that come in a thirteen.  You can get them on Zappos.

      Also Macys has some stilettos in size 13


    • May 6, 2019 2:14 PM BST
    • Try Sam Edelman.  They have several different styles that come in a thirteen.  You can get them on Zappos.

      Also Macys has some stilettos in size 13


    • April 11, 2019 6:49 PM BST
    • I will miss Mere ! We spoke on infrequent occasions, but I always checked in on her

      to see how she was doing.  She was an author, who wrote mostly historical books,

      with my favorite being her book on Jazz history.  You can find her books on Amazon,

      under her pen name Mitchell Newton.


      Her move from Chicago to Denver was good for her.  That is where she met her love Josie.

      She blossomed in Denver, and was working at the Natural History museum and later the 

      Molly Brown house (of which the movie "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" was based).

      Unfortunately, as many TG Women know, it is easy to fall into a dependence on Alcohol.

      This coping method was hard on her, on Josie and their life together.  It was with deep sadness

      that I discovered she had passed.  The world lost a professor, a historian, and a wonderful woman

      struggling to make sense of a complicated life we in the TG community have to lead. She is now free and in

      God's hands now.   Take care Mere, and know that there are those who remember you.


    • March 15, 2019 9:36 PM GMT
    • Gosh I remember her. We didnt really say much to each other. So cannot say i knew her other than a passing comment here and there. However its sad news for any one to pass let alone someone from the old guard. My heart goes out there.

    • March 2, 2019 4:37 PM GMT
    • I was so upset when I heard about Mere passing on at the end of December.   It was so sad and so unnecessary.

      It was good to see all those old names and faces I used to know on here ages ago and it was nice to chat with some of you too.  I haven't forgotten any of you.  It's just a shame that something like this had to happen to bring us all back together again.


      Katie  x


    • February 3, 2019 12:39 PM GMT
    • Thank you for letting us know Robyn. Anyone who knew Mere will miss her. She was a great personality from the old days at TW and I believe she was the first person I ever spoke to in the chat room in those days. 

      I haven't been around for a very long time and the last I heard, she was doing okay in Chicago and was still with Josie. It's such a shame that this happened but is a powerful message to us all about the difficulties that being transgendered brings. 

      My thoughts go out to her child(ren). 

    • January 16, 2019 5:21 AM GMT
    • thanks for letting me know Robyn. Been out of the loop for a wile now, couldn't even sign in on my old account. After 8 years I hung up my uniforms again and retired with the rank of Captain. I will check in from time to time.

    • January 9, 2019 2:45 PM GMT
    • I heard the dreadful news a few days ago and its not yet sunk in. I''d known Mere ever since i joined back in the old TW days & i used to call her all the time. I still remember that 1st phone call back in 04. At the time i was having a wee bash at my place and a few of the TW girls including Mandy Walker and Christina Dearlove who were here. Mere got to speak to all of us that day and it is something i've never forgotten :(

    • January 8, 2019 9:26 PM GMT
    • She`ll be missed. I knew her since trannyweb days. I knew she was dealing with depression. She was happy I saved her once. Now she is taken away.

      r.i.p Meredith

    • January 8, 2019 2:27 PM GMT
    • Very saddened to hear about Meredith's passing...what terrible news...and on Christmas Day.  I remember her from when I first joined here many years ago...wish I'd gotten to know her a bit better.  Prayers to all her family and friends...may she rest in peace...


    • April 2, 2019 5:11 PM BST
    • Yeah but it's good to remember that sometimes you can't fix stupid.

    • April 2, 2019 2:35 PM BST
    • Ignorance, bigotry and stupidity among the Piers Morgan types is understandable but someone within our own community a so called spokes person, someone who should know better, be more erudite on the subject should not include others from the same community in her banal and inane statements.

    • April 2, 2019 8:29 AM BST
    • Sad to say there has been a consistency of self superiority and judgement in the UK media toward Transgender people over the last 50 years at least.Little has changed since I first saw Jan Morris on TV way back when.The framing of questions,”Is it Right that ...Transgender should ...?”Let’s have a debate on what Transgender people should be allowed.-Let’s make the Alan Titchmarsh judgement of which Transgender people are more passable than others.But of course the media will claim balance by issuing a token “did she do well”to a minority of Transgender people.My hope is Transgender people are treated as equally part of human diversity and respected.

    • March 22, 2019 11:31 AM GMT
    • Quite so, Cristine.

      And then of course we have the Piers Morgan types who go around deriding people for "choosing to become a woman".

      People who have no understanding of a condition should not go around speaking like they are some sort of authority on the subject.

    • March 22, 2019 11:01 AM GMT
    • Murray quoted Jenny Roberts, 72, who transitioned more than 20 years ago, on whether trans women should be considered “real”.

      “I’m not a real woman,” is the first thing she said to me in a recent conversation. 

      “I understand that a lot of trans women want to believe they are women, but we’re not.”


      Everyone is entitled to state their personal feelings on how they perceive themselves, but should not make inclusive statements for the rest of us, I was female before I was born,

    • March 21, 2019 9:18 AM GMT
    • I find it rather irritating when a newspaper columnist attempts to "analyse" the transgender condition, and in doing so quotes a vicar turned TG celebrity talking about dresses and make up, and uses this drivel to equate the mentality and motivations behind all of us.

      "It's not about dresses and make up..."

      Good grief; not exactly imaginative. And of course she has to remind us of our supposedly inevitable male privilege, no way we can ever be a true woman when we've had a taste of that.

      To me, male privilege would have been about as welcome as my daily shaving rash.

      Many of us have had a past of bullying and ridicule for being the shy, effeminate ones. Is this our male privilege that prevents us from ever being "real women"?

    • March 19, 2019 10:28 PM GMT
    • Oh boy.  Radio 4 shows how many pillocks are still with us.


      On the other side of the coin, Radio 2 had a good discussion on this last Friday.  Worth catching up on I player.

    • March 18, 2019 7:06 PM GMT

      One needs to read the link, I can't be arsed to apply for the rights to re-publish the article.


      Firstly they need to be familiar with other posts I have made on inherited conditions, just because a person is born with a visible sex distinction, (genitalia) from which a determination of birth registration is made (sex @ birth) in the case of trangendered people this can be misleading.    One has only to be familiar with conditions, for instance


      Klinefelter's syndrome, 47, XXY, or XXY syndrome is a condition in which human males have an extra X chromosome.   


      Reifenstein's Syndrome, Most forms of AIS involve a variable degree of undervirilization and/or infertility in XY persons of any gender. A person with complete androgen insensitivity syndrome (CAIS) has a female external appearance despite a 46XY karyotype and undescended testes, a condition once called "testicular feminization" a phrase now considered both derogatory and inaccurate. Since 1990, major scientific advances have greatly expanded medical understanding and management of the molecular mechanisms of the clinical features of AIS.


      CNS Brain male feminisation, The medial posterior region of the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis (BSTMP) and the locus coeruleus (LC) show opposite patterns of sexual dimorphism. The BSTMP in males is greater in volume and number of neurons than in females (male N female) while in the LC, the opposite is true (female N male). To investigate the possible role of the androgen receptor (AR) in the masculinization of these two structures, males with the testicular feminization mutation (Tfm) were compared to their control littermate males. No differences were seen in the number of neurons of the BSTMP between Tfm and their control littermate males, while in the LC, Tfm males have a greater number of neurons than their control littermate males. These results show that the AR is involved in the control of neuron number in the LC but not in the BSTMP. Results based on the LC suggest that when females have a larger brain area than males, masculinization in males may be achieved through the AR, with androgens perhaps decreasing cell survival.


      Sex differences in the mammalian brain have two main characteristics: they often occur in neural circuits related
      to reproductive physiology and behaviour and they are seen in two opposite morphological patterns In one
      pattern, males have greater volumes and/or number of neurons than females (male N female), while in the other, the opposite is true (female N male) Existing evidence suggest that gonadal androgens are involved in the development of sex differences in structures that are larger in males than in females.


      New born babies rarely have DNA or chromosome tests for mutant genes unless their are obvious visible defects, this also applies to brain scans, so how can people make judgements as to the legal recognition and acceptance of people who were incorrectly labelled at birth who later decide they are the wrong gender.




    • March 15, 2019 9:41 PM GMT
    • Private Page

      Sorry, you don't have permission to view this page or your need to upgrade your membership here:


      Sadly I cant read it. I would Perhaps recall from the good ole trannyweb days.

      I dont think there is many of us left now from the early 2000,s

    • January 28, 2019 10:45 PM GMT
    • It really depends on the source. I can wear anything from XL to 5XL and the clothes would match up identically from size to size. It's just the way the fabricator decided what size is what size. For example, and not trying to be sterotypical, Asian manufacturers are typically designed with Asian women in size and there XS would be like a girl's M or L, not lady's. Just keep that in mind if you're ever going to be ordering online. Check where they are shipping from as you most likely won't get the right size if you compare what you buy in shops if they're overseas.

    • January 25, 2019 5:11 PM GMT
    • yes, I also wear shoes size 10 (even 9, if they're sandals). I have over 100 pairs of shoes!

    • January 24, 2019 1:46 PM GMT
    • You're lucky!

    • January 24, 2019 11:02 AM GMT
    • god I think I am blessed because I am a perfect woman size M

    • January 22, 2019 5:50 PM GMT
    • When I bye women's clothes I'm about 18-20 or L-XL